Natural Resources and Climate

Nevada's 27 state parks, recreation areas, and historic sites are stretched across terrains as diverse as alpine forests and bone-dry deserts. Among them are natural lakes and man-made reservoirs, such as world-famous, 22-mile-long Lake Tahoe or the much smaller Echo Canyon and its 35-acre reservoir. Other parks provide glimpses into the past. Valley of Fire is one of the state’s oldest, with 3,000-year-old petroglyphs carved in sandstone and breathtaking views of maroon-colored rock formations created during the age of the dinosaurs. Mormon Station in Genoa and the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort feature replicas of 19th-century fortifications and visitor centers explaining regional history. The climate in Nevada varies from hot and dry in the south to mild summers and snowy winters in the north.

View the natural resources and climate of each state park:

Beaver Dam Berlin Ichthyosaur
Big Bend of the Colorado Buckland Station
Cathedral Gorge Cave Lake
Cave Rock Dayton
Echo Canyon Fort Churchill
Kershaw Ryan Lahontan
Mormon Station Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort
Rye Patch Sand Harbor
South Fork Spooner Lake & Backcountry
Spring Mountain Ranch Spring Valley
Valley of Fire Van Sickle
Ward Charcoal Ovens Washoe Lake
Wild Horse  

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