Are there limitations on the number of people and vehicles at a campsite?
Campsites are limited to a maximum of two vehicles and eight people. At the discretion of the park supervisor and upon request, the number of vehicles and/or people per site may vary. Two motorcycles will be allowed to occupy a single camp site if the camping fee is paid, plus the appropriate day fee for the second motorcycle.

Is firewood available in the park?
Firewood may be available at some parks, however, firewood gathering is prohibited in all parks. Please contact the park directly to determine if firewood is available.

Can I build a fire?
Fires are permitted in most Nevada State Parks campgrounds, although fires must be contained in the provided fire ring. Firewood log length is limited to 20 inches and burning of pallets is not permitted. Please also be aware of current fire restrictions that are posted on this website when in effect.

Are special event charges separate?
There is no charge beyond the park entry for most interpretive programs or special events presented by Nevada State Parks. Events of a commercial nature, such as concerts and plays, will include a charge in addition to the park entry fee.

Does Nevada State Parks have a reservation system?
Reservenevada went live in the fall of 2023. See the Reservations tab for more information.

Does Nevada State Parks have a "No Turn Away" policy for cyclists?
Yes. It is the policy of Nevada State Parks to help promote bicycle touring in Nevada. The "No Turn Away" policy guarantees that touring bicyclists are not turned away from a park should they be full, especially since campgrounds are sometimes the only option riders have after a long day.

Do any of the parks have WiFi?
WiFi is currently available (for a fee) at various Nevada State Parks. Please contact the park you are visiting to inquire about WiFi.

Do you have gift shops available?
Gift shops are currently located at Valley of Fire, Lake Tahoe-Sand Harbor, Cathedral Gorge, Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort and Berlin-Ichthyosaur. A smaller selection of park merchandise is available at a satellite gift shops located at Wild Horse, Washoe Lake, and Mormon Station.

Which parks provide hook-ups (water & electricity only) + dump stations?
Hook-ups are available at Cathedral Gorge, Valley of Fire, Echo Canyon, Big Bend of the Colorado, Washoe Lake, Walker River, Spring Valley, South Fork and Kershaw-Ryan State Parks.

Can I bring my pet when I visit a State Park?
Leashed pets (leash no longer than 6 feet) are welcome at most Nevada State Parks. Pets are not permitted at Sand Harbor from April 15th through October 15th due to the high volume of visitors.

Can I metal detect in State Parks?
Metal detecting is permitted in designated areas with the permission of the park supervisor. Please contact the individual park directly with any questions you may have.

Can I fly a drone in State Parks?
Use of drones is prohibited in Nevada State Parks unless in an area designated for that use by a park supervisor or by issuance of a special use permit for use of a unmanned aircraft. All applicable FAA regulations apply.

Is there a boating speed limit on bodies of water in Nevada State Parks?
Boating is restricted to 5 mph (flat wake) at all Nevada State Parks with the exception of Rye Patch, Lahontan, Big Bend of the Colorado and Washoe Lake, which have specific flat wake areas.

Is there hunting?  If so, where?
Shotgun-only hunting is permitted during established seasons and only within designated areas of Fort Churchill, Spring Valley, Washoe Lake, Walker River, Cave Lake, South Fork, Lahontan and Spooner Backcountry. Information on specific shooting zones is available through the individual park supervisor. Non-game hunting is not permitted in any state park.

Are you allowed to collect artifacts/fossils/rocks/plants/animals at the parks?
No, all resources within the parks are protected. Collecting artifacts/fossils/rocks/plants/animals is strictly prohibited without proper permits or licenses.

Are there tips for interacting with coyotes and other wildlife?
This website provides tips on how to interact with any coyotes or other wildlife you may encounter. Do your part, Keep Tahoe Bears Wild.

What are the fees I pay used for?
User fees contribute to a portion of the total funding required to maintain and operate Nevada’s State Parks and represent only one of many funding sources that in combination provide the services, facilities and resources available for your enjoyment.

Can you accommodate individuals with disabilities?
Individuals with developmental and/or physical limitations are invited to enjoy all of the recreational activities of Nevada State Parks. If you would like to request additional support or accommodation, please call the park system headquarters at (775) 684-2793. Nevada State Parks continually seeks ways to provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities and welcomes any suggestions you may have.

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