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Discounts & Special Fees


Nevada State Parks offers several different types of discounts. The various discounts are described in more detail below.  For questions or to get more information, please call 775-684-2770.

Disabled Discount: A $1 discount on the daily entrance fee is available for an individual who holds a disability placard and presents it upon entrance to a park.

Military & Veteran Discount: A $1 discount on the daily entrance fee is available for all active military and veterans.

Special Fees

Walk-In, Bike-In, Ride-In or Vessel Arrival: A $2 per person charge will be levied in all parks that have an entrance fee for those who walk into a park, arrive by horseback or vessel or who bicycle into a park. 

RV Dump Stations: The charge for use of sanitary dump stations by individuals not camping in a state park is the park entrance fee.

Showers: The established park entrance fee will be charged for shower use by a person not camping in the park.

Hook-Ups: For the use of a campsite at which a hook-up is available a $10 per vehicle charge will be assessed. In the event two separate camping vehicles choose to camp in a single site and both connect to utilities, each will be assessed a separate camping and utility connection fee.

Commercial Bus Tours: The established entrance fee or $2 per person, whichever is greater, or the fee established by a special use permit, will be the amount charged.

Additional Watercraft: There will be a $5 charge for each watercraft in excess of two that are launched from a boat ramp.

Towed-In Equipment: No fee will be charged for a vehicle that is towed into the park for transportation within that park.

Self-Service Noncompliance: If a user does not deposit the required fee in available self-service devices, a collection fee of $10 will be charged.

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