Natural Resources and Climate for Rye Patch State Recreation Area

Rye Patch is located in a trench cut by the Humboldt River and has vegetation consistent with what is found throughout the Great Basin. Sagebrush, grease wood, saltbush, rabbitbrush and great basin wild rye are all abundant throughout the park.

Water and shore birds, both resident and migratory, are common at Rye Patch. Canadian geese, coots, grebes and cormorants are frequently seen. Mule deer are known to roam the park and prong horned antelope are often sighted in the area surrounding the park.

 Most park users visit during the warm months of late spring and summer. The area's climate is typical of northern Nevada's desert country. Rainfall is slight, averaging less than six inches annually. Clear, sunny skies are common, with summer daytime temperatures above 90˚F. Summer nighttime temperatures can drop to 40˚F. In mid-winter, daily highs average 40˚F and nighttime temperatures can drop below zero.

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