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Spring Mountain Ranch State Park - Park Rules

  • Due to the acoustics of Sandstone Canyon, amplified music or instruments, Bluetooth Speakers, DJs, PA systems, loud stereos or music, and other such devices are not allowed under any circumstances. Visitors shall not interfere with or disturb the quiet use and enjoyment of other visitors during park hours.
  • Any commercial activity, including but not limited to food or beverage sales, is not allowed without an additional Special/Commercial Use Permit. Use of the concession building, stage area, event lawn, pastures, or event parking lot is not allowed without special use permit. For special use details and guidelines, please contact the park supervisor.
  • Commercial Photographers or photography defined by NAC 407.0535 are required to have a photo permit and insurance to shoot commercial photos or film within Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. Please contact the park office for details and an application.
  • The use of drones or any remote controlled aircraft is not allowed. Visit B4UFLY for more info.
  • Staged/Organized Recreational Photography (non-commercial) is limited to inside the picnic area only.
  • Organized groups over 20 persons or weddings must reserve the group use area.
  • Entrance fees are required of all visitors prior to entering the park. All visitors must enter through the main entrance.
  • No tent or pole stakes are allowed in the lawn areas. Recreational items of a non-personal nature, including but not limited to: dunk tanks, climbing walls, trampolines, or bounce houses are not allowed.
  • No balloons, water balloons, egg tosses, egg hunts, or piñatas are permitted in the park. No drones, remote control vehicles, rock climbing, volleyball nets, golfing, horseshoes, or baseball is allowed.
  • All decorations must be removed prior to leaving. Ground litter must be picked up immediately.
  • Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet and under control at all times. Owners must clean up waste.
  • Lake Harriet is an endangered species habitat. No recreational activity, including picnicking, wading, fishing, boating, or swimming is allowed at the lake.
  • All visitors must stay on established park trails. No off-trail hiking is permitted within the park. Visitors may not enter closed areas unless on a guided tour by park staff or volunteers. Please keep off the ranch house lawn.
  • Visitors may not block or obstruct park trails, paths, or roads.
  • When the park reaches capacity on busy weekends/holidays, the entrance gates may be closed to prevent overcrowding. No additional entrance will be allowed during this period. Please advise everyone in your group to arrive either early or late to avoid gate closures.
  • Park hours are posted at the entrance. After hours use is prohibited without prior permission. No camping.
  • Gathering of wood or plants is prohibited. No outside charcoal grills or fryers are allowed. No ground fires are allowed. Fire Restrictions may be in effect during fire season (typically Spring-Fall) and no charcoal fires or smoking outside a vehicle is allowed.
  • All trees, plants, animals, and rocks within the park are protected, and may not be disturbed or taken. Do not feed the livestock or wildlife. No climbing or hanging from park trees.
  • All state laws and regulations are in affect and are enforced by Law Enforcement Rangers. All lawful orders given by park staff must be followed.
  • The speed limit in the congested area of the park is 15 mph. The speed limit along the entrance road is 25 mph. Speed limits are enforced by radar. Vehicles must park in designated parking spaces.
  • No refunds will be given when privileges are rescinded for violations or failure to adhere to park policies.
  • For more information regarding park rules and regulations, please contact the on-duty Park Ranger or the park office at (702) 875-4141 or smrsp@parks.nv.gov.
  • View Chapter 407 of the Nevada Administrative Code for Nevada State Parks Regulations.


Group Rules and Rates
Commercial/Recreational Photography Information Sheet
Special/Commercial Use Permit Guidelines

Your cooperation ensures that Spring Mountain Ranch State Park will be enjoyed by all visitors and allows us to protect its resources and facilities for future generations.