Valley of Fire State Park - Park Rules

  • Campsite Check-in starts: 2 p.m. / Check-out by: 11 a.m.
  • Can we climb the rocks? Yes. However, climbing on Arch Rock, Elephant Rock, and Atlatl Rock is not permitted. If there is a group that is interested in rappelling in the park, that party must contact the Park Supervisor prior to their event. This activity is also only allowed at Lone Rock. No chalk or spikes are permitted when rappelling; only natural tie-offs are allowed.
  • Can I drive off-road? Off-road driving is prohibited in the park; however, off-roading is legal within Logandale Trails. This area can be accessed via Liston Road in Logandale. Bitter Springs, which is located off Mile Marker 3 on Valley of Fire Road (west of Valley of Fire State Park’s west entrance), also has off-road access.
  • Can we take rocks from the park? NO. It is against the law to remove any rock, plant, or animal life from the park.
  • Is hunting allowed in the park? NO. Hunting is not permitted inside Valley of Fire State Park boundaries.
  • How close can I get to wildlife/bighorn sheep? There is no specific safe distance; however, many of the rules relating to this are meant to protect and keep the animals safe. Chasing or harassing wildlife is unlawful.
  • Can I open carry my firearm? Yes. We follow all state and federal regulations regarding open carry in Nevada.
  • Why do we have to pay to come through the park? Your fees help to preserve and maintain the park for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of future generations.
  • Can we drink alcoholic beverages in the park? Yes. However, the laws that apply to drinking and driving and/or having open containers in vehicles are still in effect within the park.
  • Can I carve my name into the rock? NO. All graffiti which includes carving, painting, or any other type of permanent defacing is prohibited and may result in a citation.
  • If a motorhome is towing a car, does the car have to pay a fee? All towed vehicles are exempt from paying entrance and camping fees.
  • Can I fly my drone? Drones are not allowed in the park unless you have an approved Photography Permit. Valley of Fire has daily helicopter landings and drones pose a high risk to these activities.
  • Where can I ride my horse? Please refer to the Valley of Fire Horseback Riding Policy.
    Can I use fireworks, smoke bombs and other pyrotechnics in the park? NO. All pyrotechnics are prohibited in the park.
  • Can I use my metal detector in Valley of Fire? NO. Use of metal detectors is prohibited. All artifacts are protected by state and federal laws.
  • Can I protest publicly at Valley of Fire? Yes. A free speech area has been established on Scenic Loop Road. You must notify the Park Supervisor in advance. Applicable entrance fees apply.
  • Is there a free speech area in the park? Yes. A free speech area has been established on Scenic Loop Road.
  • Can I scatter the ashes of a deceased loved one? Yes. Contact the park for details.
  • Can I fly a drone in the park? No, the use of drones or any remote controlled aircraft is not allowed. Visit B4UFLY for more info.
  • View Chapter 407 of the Nevada Administrative Code for Nevada State Parks Regulations.


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