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Elgin Schoolhouse

State Historic Site


About Elgin Schoolhouse

Several generations of children were educated in this one-room school, which covered grades one through eight from 1922 through 1967. In 1924, an addition to the building provided a small apartment for a teacher, since there was no housing available in the tiny community. After that, finding a teacher was never a problem, since they were well paid and housing was provided. The Elgin Schoolhouse State Historic Site features many of the school’s original items. The rest are authentic to the time period. Tours of the Schoolhouse are available on the first Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or by appointment. To schedule, call Kershaw-Ryan State Park at 775-726-3564.

Park Detail


Picnicking/Day Use: A picnic table is available.

Hours: by appointment.


  • No services are available (gas, food, etc.) on the 36 miles of graded gravel road (the Kane Springs Road) from Highway 93 directly to Elgin. Kane Springs road is not suitable for those towing trailers or for motor homes.
  • No services are available in Rainbow Canyon or at Elgin.
  • Pets are welcome, but they must be kept on a leash of not more than six feet in length, outside the schoolhouse.
  • Removing, disturbing or damaging any historic structure, artifact, rock, plant life, fossil or other feature is prohibited. State and federal laws protect this area and its resources.
  • Please use trash receptacles.
  • The use of drones or any remote controlled aircraft is not allowed. Visit B4UFLY for more info.
  • Visitors are responsible for knowing all park rules and regulations in effect. Detailed rules and regulations are posted at the park or may be viewed on the Park Rules page.
  • Those with developmental and/or physical limitations are invited to enjoy all of the recreational activities of Nevada State Parks. If you would like to request additional support or accommodations, please call the Nevada State Parks division office. We continually seek ways to provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities and welcome any suggestions you may have.
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Several generations of school children were educated in this little building, which covered grades one through eight, from 1922 through 1967.  The one-room schoolhouse at Elgin in eastern Nevada was built by Rueben Bradshaw, whose father, James Bradshaw, homesteaded a ranch in 1880 at the lower end of Rainbow Canyon. (READ MORE)

Park Fees

Museum admission:  $3.00*   (children 12 and under are free)

Contact Kershaw Ryan State Park for tours.

*$2 discount does not apply.


Photos of Elgin Schoolhouse State Historic Site

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