Photography Permits

Persons who take photographs and/or shoot film or motion pictures in a Nevada State Park for commercial purposes are required to have a photography permit.  Applications for permits must be made at the specific park prior to the filming date. The permit stipulates restrictions and obligations that must be met by the permittee. “Commercial” photography means photography that is meant for financial gain. Included under commercial photography are sales of photographic images for advertising, motion pictures, television productions or portfolios.The archiving of images by persons who use photographic skills, equipment or resources to provide a photographic product for sale is also considered commercial photography.

Fees range from $50.00 to $3,500.00 per day depending on the size and complexity of the filming operation. Fees are charged and collected pursuant to Nevada Administrative Code 407.050.

Photography Permit Application - All parks except for Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire Photography Permit Application

Fee Schedule

Reserve an Area for Commercial Photography: A person who has obtained a commercial use permit for photography may request that State Parks reserve an area within the park for use on a specific day in accordance with the terms of the permit. Upon receipt and approval of such a request, the Division will charge and collect a reservation fee of $100. This reservation fee is in addition to any charges levied for the commercial photography permit.

Annual Class A Photography Permit: This permit is recognized at all parks for 12 months after the date of issue. The charge is $500 upon approval of the requested permit. 

For questions regarding photo permits, please contact the applicable park directly.

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