Nevada Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

In Nevada, the Division of State Parks (NDSP) leads the development of the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP), a research-based plan that evaluates the supply and demand of outdoor recreation resources and facilities across all jurisdictions. Specifically, the SCORP identifies outdoor recreation needs and opportunities for recreation improvements and development, provides the foundation for the distribution of Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) monies for outdoor recreation and open space acquisition, and outlines the overall status of outdoor recreation in Nevada. At the core of the SCORP is an implementation plan designed to address the needs and goals identified by Nevada’s citizens, recreation planners, land managers, and community leaders.

The 2022-2026 Nevada SCORP was developed over a 12-month period and represents a collaboration between NDSP and the Nevada Division of Outdoor Recreation (NDOR). From the extensive data collection, analysis, and significant public and land manager engagement and feedback, the SCORP provides an aspirational yet essential vision for the future of outdoor recreation in Nevada.

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Nevada's Plan Integral de Actividades Recreativas al Aire Libre

Appendix A - BEA ORSA 2020 Numbers
Appendix B - BEA Nevada 2020
Appendix C - Land and Water Conservation Fund Overview
Appendix D - NV Wetlands Priority Conservation Plan 2006
Appendix E - NV Priority Wetlands Inventory 2023
Appendix F - 2021 Land Manager Survey Summary Data
Appendix G - Land Manager Survey Comments
Appendix H -  2021 SCORP Stakeholder Engagement and Targeted Outreach
Apprendix I - 2021 Nevada Outdoor Recreation System Asset Inventory

Appendix J - Public Surveys Summary Data

Appendix K - SCORP Public Surveys Comments
Appendix M - Part 2 Survey Regional Maps
Appendix N - Outdoor Recreation Shared Stewardship Agreement

Appendix O - Nevada Open Project Selection Process OPSP

County Reports (Carson City, Churchill County, Clark County, Douglas County, Elko County, Esmeralda County, Eureka County, Humboldt County, Lander CountyLincoln County, Lyon County, Mineral County, Nye County, Pershing County, Storey County, Washoe County, White Pine County)

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