Sand Harbor State Park - Park Rules

  • Once Capacity is reached. No additional vehicles are allowed to enter except authorized by Park Supervisor and/or Ranger on duty. (Capacity of vehicles inside the park are based on 2012 Capacity Study.)
  • Reopening of the park will occur when the Park Supervisor and/or Ranger on duty can reasonably assume that the park will remain open for the day.
  • There is no re-entry of vehicles into the park once the park is closed and gates are closed unless specifically authorized by the Ranger on duty before the vehicles leaves the park. 
  • Use of drones are not authorized unless approved by the Park Supervisor per NDSP policy. Visit B4UFLY for more info.
  • Walk-ins and drop-offs are not allowed at Sand Harbor from the Highway. Walk and bike-ins are allowed via the East Shore Trail while the park is closed to vehicles. 
  • Launch-and-leave of vessels are not authorized once capacity of parking at Boat Ramp is full. 
  • Boat Ramp Kayak/SUP parking is only authorized for vehicles with Hard Bottom Kayak/SUP.
  • Motorized vessels shall only be launched via the boat ramp and shall be inspected per TRPA regulations. 
  • View Chapter 407 of the Nevada Administrative Code for Nevada State Parks Regulations.