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​Field Trips

Nevada's state parks offer unique opportunities for students to become immersed in local heritage, culture, and landscapes, and to learn through hands-on experiences and interaction with trained employees and volunteers.

School groups are encouraged to make reservations or arrangements for field trips in advance. Please contact the individual parks directly to learn more about visiting with your students.


While the best way to experience and appreciate Nevada’s state parks is to visit them in person, this may not be an option for everyone. If you are unable to visit Nevada’s state parks with your students, consider making our state parks a part of your classroom. Many parks have rangers or other trained employees available to visit your classroom to talk about a variety of topics including geology, wildlife, and history.  Please contact the individual parks directly to find out if a ranger is available to visit your classroom.

Educational and Group Use Facilities

Many of Nevada’s state parks have educational facilities or other group use areas that can be used or reserved to enhance learning opportunities in parks or to make visiting a park with a large group of students more convenient. View a list of the facilities and amenities in each park that may be of interest or benefit to school groups. Please contact the individual parks directly for more information.


Looking to make a difference? Curious about future career opportunities with Nevada State Parks? Eager for on-the-job training? Internships may be available in Nevada’s state parks. Please contact the individual parks directly to find out if internship opportunities are available.

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