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Annual Trail Closures

For the safety of guests, staff, and local rescue services, many of the park's trails are closed annually during the warmer months (May-September).

**Trails that will remain OPEN are:
Mouse's Tank
Rainbow Vista
Elephant Rock
Balancing Rock

All of the park's public roadways will also remain OPEN.

Trails that will be CLOSED are:
White Domes Loop
Fire Wave/Seven Wonders Loop/Pastel Canyon/Pink Canyon
Pinnacles Loop
Prospect Trail
Arrowhead Trail
Natural Arch Trail (Arch Rock remains open)
Charlie's Spring

These trails have a history of frequent medical calls, search and rescue missions, and fatalities during this time of year. Unfortunately, the demand is more than we are able to safely manage.

**Hiking in high heat is dangerous even on shorter trails. Staying hydrated and replacing electrolytes is extremely important. Prepare for the heat and for unexpected mishaps. Please note that due to the terrain and weather, trails at Valley of Fire often feel much longer than listed. 

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