May 2022 Full Moon Hike

Valley of Fire State Park

**Note that the park closes at sunset. You must be attending a park-approved event to be anywhere in the park after hours, and you must be in the specific area(s) where the event is being held. Commercial photography is prohibited without a permit. **

WHEN: Monday, May 16. Arrive any time between 8:30pm and 10:00pm. **You must be in your vehicle and actively leaving the parking area no later than 11:00pm.** Note the trail takes about an hour to complete.

WHERE: Fire Wave Trail

WHAT: Hike the 1.5-mile long Fire Wave out-and-back trail under the light of the Full Moon. We’ll set up tealights to help you find your way. The trail is over loose sand.

** This will be our last full moon hike until September. Keep an eye out for our summer sky viewings with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society coming up in May, June, July, and August!

BRING: Close-toed shoes, water, a red light. (Using a red light helps you keep your night vision and is less bothersome to other guests) If you’d like to search for scorpions, bring a blacklight.

- $10 for NV Residents per vehicle,
- $15 for Out of State Guests per vehicle.
(If you have a NEVADA STATE PARKS Annual Pass or a receipt from entry to the park earlier on the same day you do not have to pay the above fee!)


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Photo by Evonne Drimmer Dunn

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