Advanced Off-trail Hike: Ram’s Head Loop

Valley of Fire State Park

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Participants must be at least 10 years of age.
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Join us from 9am-1:30pm on Friday, November 25 to hike the Ram’s Head Loop Advanced Off-trail Hike! 
4.5 miles, 650 ft. gross gain.

This hike starts easily down a dirt road before dropping into a narrow canyon with some slides and clambering over rocky obstacles. It passes through pretty pastel-colored areas before emerging in the sandy Wedged-Wood canyon. We then turn back up some dry waterfalls and venture uphill across red sandstone for a view over the eastern part of the park before walking back along the dirt road to our cars.

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** This off-trail hikes is over difficult, rough terrain, sometimes with deep, soft sand, sometimes up steep, solid rock where hands may be required, and sometimes scrambling up or down boulder sized rocks. 

** This off-trail hike is for experienced hikers ONLY. Approximate actual distances are given, but the nature of off-trail hiking in Valley of Fire means that the perceived distance is about twice the actual distance (i.e. a 6 mile hike ‘feels like’ a 12 mile hike.) 

** You will get tired!

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