Cave Rock

Holiday Schedule for Cave Rock boat launch
There will be no inspectors present, so the launch gates will be locked:
Thanksgiving Day 11/24/16
Christmas Day 12/25/16
New Year’s Day 1/1/17

A small day-use area is tucked beneath the rugged volcanic face of Cave Rock. Facilities include a boat launch ramp and dock, comfort station, picnic sites, and a small sandy beach. The entrance is on Highway 50, three miles south of Glenbrook, just south of the Cave Rock tunnels.





Cave Rock Fee Booth (775) 588-7975 or Sand Harbor (775) 831-0494 Email



Park News

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Road Conditions

Boating: The boat launch includes one double ramp with a dock separating the ramps and over 40 spaces for trailer parking. Offsite watercraft inspections are required for all motorized watercraft as a part of the new program that is helping to protect Lake Tahoe from the threat of invasive species such as the Quagga and Zebra mussels.

Boat Launching Hours: (Summer) May 1 through September 30, 6 am to 8 pm and (Winter) October 1 through April 30, 6 am to 4 pm daily. Hours may be changed or ramp may be closed. Visit for more information.

Fishing: A steep shoreline and rocky shoals make this area a good location for fishing. There is no fishing allowed on the beach or in the boat ramp area.

Swimming: There is a small beach located at the south end of the park where park visitors can swim, sunbathe, play in the sand, scuba dive, snorkel, and launch non-motorized watercraft.

Picnicking: There are three picnic areas located in the park. One is located by the beach at the south end of the park, one is across from the restroom and the other is at the north end by the boat ramp. Both picnic areas have picnic tables and barbecue pits.


  • No bottles are allowed on the beach
  • Pets must be on leash and off of the beach
  • No overnight parking or camping
  • Fires are permitted in the barbeque pits only
  • Plants, animals, rocks, minerals and artifacts are protected by state law
  • Litter must be disposed of In the bear proof trash containers.

History: In 1967, the Nevada Legislature transferred title of the Cave Rock boat launch and parking area to the Nevada State Park System. Official dedication of the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park took place on October 1, 1979. Since then, the Cave Rock boat landing has become a very popular recreational site on Lake Tahoe’s east shore. The facility has been designed to accommodate day use recreational activities including boating, fishing, swimming, scuba diving and beach day-use. The beach at the south end of the park accommodates and launched craft such as canoes, kayaks and non-motorized rafts. The double boat launch at the north end of the park accommodates motorized watercraft.

Apart from its role in historic legend and economic development and tourism, Cave Rock had been an impediment to early lakeshore transportation. Cave Rock carries several distinct but overlapping historic travelways over, around and through its edifice. The Old Washoe “Indian Trail” and Johnson’s Cut-Off road over Cave Rock; the Lake Tahoe Wagon Road and Lincoln Highway around Cave Rock; and the Glenbrook National Forest Highway and U.S. Highway 50 through tunnels constructed in 1931 and 1957.

On February 9, 1997 the United States Forest Service issued a “Temporary Closure Order for Archaeological Protection” prohibiting any form of activi’ employing rock climbing equipment. On September 2, 2003 climbing was prohibited under all circumstances.