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Lahontan State Recreation Area Development Plan Update

Virrtual Open House

Do you recreate at Lahontan State Recreation Area? What type of activities do you engage in? If you had a magic wand, what would you like to see at Lahontan? Help us plan the future of Lahontan by visiting the virtual open house and telling us what you think. Participants will be entered to win a Nevada State Parks All Access Pass, which includes free entrance, camping and boating for an entire year.

Project Overview

  • Project Description

    Lahontan State Recreation Area (LSRA) is located 55 miles east of Carson City and has approximately 350,000 visitors a year. The majority of LSRA is owned by the Bureau of Reclamation and managed by Nevada Division of State Parks (NDSP) through a Management Agreement. The agreement requires NDSP to provide a Reservoir Area Management Plan to guide development at LSRA with plan review required every 5 years. 

    In 1991 a Development Plan was written to update the 1974 General Recreation Development Plan. The 1991 document focused on major issues, detailed objectives, regional influences, and natural resources, and included multiple park management, development and operations plans, many of which were never completed. Now over 30 years old, the current plan is obsolete, and no longer reflects the questions or solutions that are appropriate for today’s visitors.

    With help from the National Parks Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program, NDSP is updating the 1991 Development Plan to reflect current conditions, projected recreation needs, and proposed planning and development projects. Our goal is to create a simple-to-use plan that outlines NDSP’s vision for LSRA while being highly adaptable to changes in capacity and funding.

Planning Process

  • Meeting schedule  

    10 May                 Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe Regular Council Meeting
    11 May                 Yerington Paiute Tribe Regular Council Meeting
    12 May                 Initial Agency Stakeholder Meeting
    5 June                  Public Open House, Lahontan State Recreation Area
    14 June                Initial Public Meeting, Carson City
    15 June                Initial Public Meeting, Fallon
    16 June                Initial Public Meeting, Fernley

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