The Nevada Division of State Parks was established from 1963-1964. The 1963 Legislature passed the bill to form a new state park agency within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources on April 19th. The reorganization of the agency as a Division within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources became effective July 1, 1963. The park administrator would henceforth be appointed by and answer to the Department Director.

Today the Division of State Parks manages and maintains 23 parks in the State Parks system. There are two regions statewide: Northern Region and Southern Region.


“The Division of State Parks plans, develops and maintains a system of parks and recreation areas for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors. The Division also preserves areas of scenic, historic and scientific significance in Nevada.”


  • To continue to manage, protect, operate and maintain existing and future units of the Nevada State Park System.
  • To acquire, plan for and develop a well-balanced system of areas of outstanding scenic, recreational, scientific and historical importance.
  • Continue to manage and interpret the natural, cultural and recreational resources of the State Park System.


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Nevada Division of State Parks prohibits discrimination in its program and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, handicap or age.

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